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    My wedding will be held next month. Because my fiancée wanted to appear in the most beautiful state at the wedding, she decided to invite me to go get a massage with her. Because of my back pain, I was in charge of the massage specialist, and my wife because she wanted to weight loss should be handled by a male expert. Even though my wife was right next to me, she kept "accidentally" touching my cock, stimulating me and making my cock hard. Taking advantage of her long dress, she sat on top of me and put my cock inside her pussy. My wife was next to me, but I got to fuck a beautiful girl with big, seductive breasts, which made me I feel extremely excited! And since then, every week my wife and I come here for a massage, and of course, every time I get to "massage" my cock. Even though I'm married now, I still can't forget it and continue to come here for "massage"...
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